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Leather Lore, Inc. is temporarily on Hiatus and not currently taking new orders, for a yet undetermined amount of time.

Workload and other considerations have dictated this temporary action; bookmark this page to check back, or contact me and ask to be put on my newsletter mailing list!

Do you have a special need? Iím still here to consider your order.

Those of you with currently open orders with me will still get your orders. Questions? Contact me!

Click the trophy to see my awards and honors! All of my products are HAND-CRAFTED, none of that machine stamped generic stuff! High Quality and proven design have made pieces of Leather Lore literally sought after around the world!







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Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If I didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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