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Red Raven



"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

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4 Inch Belts


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4" belts! Yes, a full 4" wide! Can be made in 3 styles, and various colors! See to the left for details! And custom orders are easy and quick! Keep checking in for more photos and details!  Buckles are two pronged roller type, and unlike our other belts, these are riveted in and not changeable.

Plain belt, no studs. - $59

The Classic Pyramid Belt! This belt is 4" wide using " pyramids - all hand set! - $89

Riveted Belt - Just like the Classic Pyramid Belt, except this belt is made of flat rivets  - all hand set! - $99

Grommet Belt - Just like the Classic Pyramid Belt, except this belt is made of hollow grommets  - all hand set! - $89

Dsc03309.jpg (330808 bytes)

4" Wide Belt showing the double pronged roller buckle

These belts are also available in colors (brown shown, see "Colors" button below). Different colors are no extra cost.

Rivets and Grommets can be Nickel or Brass or Antique Nickel or Antique Brass finish. (Pyramids are Nickel only)

Belts can be lined with suede for more comfort. Hand stitched on edges and glued down for durability. Add $12 to the base price of any belt design. 

Have a design idea? Need some lead rings attached? Just let us know!

This belt fits most, however when ordering please specify your waist size for us to be sure. 


Ordering Concerns


When ordering any belt please specify the size, and please be aware that your pant or modern belt size is often not your belt size. Get a tape measure and measure right where you will wear the belt!


Sizes over 46 please add $9 to the listed price.

Larger Sizes over 46"

Additional cost of $9 is added to sizes larger than 46". Larger sizes may also require me to join two pieces together at my discretion depending on the availability of longer raw leather. I use a strong hand stitched joint and no extra cost for this!

If this joint is not acceptable to you, please specify it to me!






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Miscellaneous and Legal

Lest we Forget...

Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If we didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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