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Red Raven



"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

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Awards and Honors

This is a collection of Awards and Honors that I have received for pursuing my craft.


Read a July 7 2008 article about me!




National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets

I was contacted by the props department for several of my leather bottells. I was told that they would part of the items that would be with some 16th century skeletons in the film. After seeing the film though the only parts of the skeletons they showed were the heads, so I didn't see any of the other props; including my bottells. Oh well, perhaps on some special features when the DVD comes out!

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake!

Limited theatrical and full DVD release in Early 2008!

I love the idea and support them, so I donated money to the project! I didn't actually make any leather for them.

The Legend of the Red Reaper

A SAG full-length feature film shot on HD, distributed by Eschelon Entertainment. To be released to DVD and hopefully for a limited theatrical release! Directed by Matt Dean, produced by Tara Cardinal, Matt Dean, Justin Soponis

"For a thousand years, the Reapers guarded mankind from the demons that wait in the dark. Now, at the beginning of a new age, the Reapers are betrayed and slaughtered. Only one Reaper remains - Red, and she's out to exact revenge."

Amber Crawford as Freya with the skirt and cuffs

Photograph © 2007 Annette Baptista


One of two Armor Scaled Skirts for Freya and Chilin

My main contacts have been Amber Crawford who plays Freya and Tara Cardinal who plays the lead girl Aella

Amber Crawford

Tara Cardinal

Photo by: Leo Reinfield.

I was asked to provide some skirts and bracers for some of the girls in this film, and it was my pleasure to do so! I did two brown scaled skirts and two pairs of extended cuffs for the characters Freya and Chilin, and I also did a full red leather outfit for the character Aella to wear in a certain scene! Photos are still coming in, so stay tuned! Until then, check out the film and some trailers at these links:

Amber Crawford as Freya and Christian Boeving as Andre

Photograph © 2007 Annette Baptista


One of two pairs of Cuffs used in the film

A special red Bat Cut top and red Scaled Skirt specially made for Tara Cardinal!

MGM Costume Creations

for Disney

Over the last few years I've been supplying a variety of belts and baldrics to MGM Costume Creations (which is owned by Disney) for their stage and street performers at Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Pictured above is a set of brown belts and baldrics; one of three shipments over a period of two years.

Iron Angels Calendar!

Summer 2006

We created a special silver armor outfit just for this special publication! To see more of the girls, bikes, and to get your own copy, click here or on the photos! The outfit was leased from us, and when returned it toured with us along with a copy of the calendar!


Model Stacy Hester

On display at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

Here are some photos of a few special people that wore the outfit while it was on tour! To see more, visit our Parade of Leather Clad Women!

Dsc16831 Dsc18223
Dsc18224 Dsc18494

What is Pilgrim?

Musical, Spring 2006

I made a variety of leather accessories for the costumer! Click the photo for details!

Click here to see the Trailer!


Musical, Spring / Summer 2005

I made the main leather outfit and accessories that this part of the cast wore! Click the photo for details!

Castlevania ~ Prelude to War

An Independent Film by Ben Isaac

Click here to see the Trailer!

Video capture of my scene. Although cut from the final film, this was an individual battle scene between "Chip the Barbarian" and the main character. Of course, I lost the battle!

In 2004, I was asked to provide props for an independent film titled “Castlevania – Prelude to War”. These props included a leather bottell, a scroll, and an inkwell & feather quill (all of which except the bottell are now in my personal collection). After seeing some photos of me on this website he also asked if I would play a small part in his film as a marauder! This film was released in July of 2004, and I am credited as a prop maker. Below are some promo shots from the film.

Ben and co-star Nick, in Ben's apartment after spending the day filming my scenes.

"A mysterious message draws Simon deep into peril."

“Vardus unleashes the fires of hell.”

"Imbued with supernatural power, a vial of holy water will aid it's bearer on his quest."




Gratia Dei - a Journey through the Middle Ages

Van Andel Public Museum
Grand Rapids, Michigan
4/3/04 & 4/8/04

Museum Exhibit ran May 22 through Aug 15, 2004

I was invited to participate in the museum's Spring Artisan Faire, to help create interest in the upcoming Gratia Dei exhibit. What is Gratia Dei? What did I do there? Follow this link...

My booth inside the museum!

Some of my wares, including the authentic Chess Box in the background


Members of Silverleaf Renaissance Faire's Royal Guard give demonstrations

Another interior photograph



Prince Charming's Leather Satchel

By Cynthia Von Buhler

My personal shoulder bag, bearing the Lorimer family crest, was chosen and purchased by artist Cynthia Von Buhler, who created "Prince Charming's Leather Satchel" putting it and it's contents on display. This exhibit was in Milan in June 2003. Read more here.

To see better details of the contents, the intimate belongings of Prince Charming, click on the photo above.

C Y N T H I A  v o n  B U H L E R
Painting / Sculpture / Music / Performance / Books



Preferred Vendor

In 2003 I was awarded a plaque in recognition of being honored as a preferred vendor for the entertainment group, the Blue Dragons. It entitles me to their " services and protection", and in turn they shop with me and earn discounts. The Blue Dragons are a very large entertainment troop that provide different services to many fairs, including but not limited to Jail and magistrate entertainment, Food vending, live steel demonstrations, festival security, and EMT staffing.



Best Craft Award

Baycrafters Renaissance Fayre

I was awarded the Best Craft Award from the Baycrafters Renaissance Fayre in 2002. The award earned me the prize of automatic qualification (no jury process) and no booth fees (a $200 value) for the 2003 Fayre!



Knighted at Ravenwood Castle

In gratitude for my faithful service to the Castle, to the growth of it's annual faire, and it's Queen, I was officially Knighted as Sir George, serving the Order of the Red Raven at Ravenwood Castle. Read the whole story here.



General Comments and things that have been brought to my attention:



Part of an email conversation showing how some think of my work:

From: BJ & PJ Handley
To: Stella Tuczak ; Chip Lorimer - Heavy Leather
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 10:27 PM
Subject: Leather Craftsman vs Leather Artisan


I was flattered that you placed me in the same category as Chip.  That is like saying Ralph Lauren is equal to a seamstress. 

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Lest we Forget...

Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If I didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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