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"Bringing History and Fantasy to life!"

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Red Raven



"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

May 2019: Temporarily not taking new orders. Have a special need? Contact me!




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Click the trophy to see our awards and honors! All of our products are HAND-CRAFTED, none of that machine stamped generic stuff! High Quality and proven design have made pieces of Heavy Leather literally sought after around the world!


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"I purchased from Heavy Leather on e-bay recently and he's an excellent seller! You should all save your pennies and buy his wonderful creations. Prompt delivery, and a sturdy, well made product. When I first saw the collar I purchased I thought it might be a bit big, but it lays perfectly on my neck and is just gorgeous! I am a very happy customer."  ^_^ 

-- Kate, 23 year old full time student. "...and bought the collar for club wear (Goth scene)... the friends who have seen it were very impressed!"

"Well I was all ready to remain upset with you for taking longer than usual time to get these Gondor bracers to me - I just received them and even have them on as I am typing this - what can I say?!? they are gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic, etc. your tooling work is awesome -they stand up to minute inspection - I am extremely pleased with them - especially because they FIT PERFECTLY!!! even my skinny arms! Thanks"

-- Ason, from Texas


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Pirate Stuff! Belts, Baldrics, New Blackbeard's Sling and more!!

Men's Armor

Bracers of Gondor and others!

Women's Armor

Leather Bottles!

Custom Art!


Amazon Wear

Drinking Horns!

Messenger Bags

Leather document case wallet folder pirate letter of marque

Document Folders


Long Belts

Pirate Belts

Real Pitch Mugs

Books & Journals


Leather Lore Photo Album

Photos from Past Shows and Events

This is a listing of all of the event galleries that I have online. To date I estimate nearly 14,000 photographs online! Most of these events were sales events for me, but some are just places I went and played as well. 

12th Night SCA events

Aida; stuff I made for this Broadway Show

American Veterans Motorcycle Club Block Party, Jackson Michigan

Baycrafter's Renaissance Fantasy Faire, Bay Village Ohio

Dawn Project

Craft Shows

Derbyshire Renaissance Faire

Gratia Dei - Live in Medieval times Museum Exhibit - we vended there!

Grand Valley State University Renaissance Faire, Allendale Michigan

Huntington Renaissance Faire, Huntington, New York

Mackatawa Bay Pirate Party

Mayfaire Renaissance Faire, Marshall Michigan

Michigan Renaissance Festival, Holly Michigan

New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom, South Orange New Jersey

Northwood Renaissance Festival, Interlochen Michigan

Port Washington Pirate Festival

Ravenwood Castle's Renaissance Faire

Ravenwood Castle's Celtic Faire

Shiabruck Medieval Faire - Owosso Michigan

Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire - Galesburg / Battle Creek, Michigan

Southeastern Ohio Renaissance Faire, Cambridge Ohio

Stronghold's Olde English Faire, Oregon Illinois

Western Michigan Renaissance Faire



Show Schedule at a glance

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Leather Lore has retired from live shows, but may still vend here and there on occasion. Be sure to check here or on my show schedule page for more details!




Click here for Renaissance and Medieval stuff! Women's Fashions Classic Leather & Studs!





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Lest we Forget...

Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If we didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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