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How to Order

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 Black Roger 


Black Roger on the Beach of the Caribbean in Cancun

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Biography of Black Roger

Author unknown

Updated 2-3-09


Claiming to have born "Artimus Glasscock", he found himself working on a sugar plantation in the Bahamas as a child. He doesn't know who his parents are, nor does he remember the date of his birth. He remembers being on a ship as a very young child before his years on the plantation, and he is certain he's from somewhere in the British Isles. 

He learned the many varied customs of the slaves and plantation owners, all being of mixed nations, and he also quickly learned the importance of politics. He would soon use this cunning ability to his advantage, gaining favor with the plantation owners and field slaves alike. One day on an earned trip into port, he was able to escape from the group. He managed to work his way onto a ship bound for a nearby port. As fate would have it, the ship was attacked by pirates. Artimus was taken prisoner, where he would then quickly put his skills to work on board ship. 

Finding that he was drawn to the allure of life on the seas, and having won favor with the crew and captain, he was quickly taken under the wing of the captain, Calico Jack Rackham. The name Roger was a nickname given to him by the Calico. When given instruction on board ship, Artimus would always respond with "Roger, Captain" instead of the traditional "Aye, Captain". Calico one day would say "Arty brings a queer tint t' yer fellow, ye shall be known as Roger". Anne Bonny, Calico's lover at the time, added "Black" to his name, which comes from her observation of his prowess and seemingly unforgiving nature of his political dealings, a trait she initially admired. 

One fateful event in Black Roger's life was when Calico Jack's ship had captured a Dutch merchant vessel sailing into the West Indies . When the crew was offered a chance to sign on as pirates many of them decided to cast their lot with Calico Jack, and Black Roger soon discovered that one of the crew was a woman in disguise; the now infamous Mary Read. Finding a lover in Black Roger, she even took his place in a duel when he was challenged by a fellow pirate. Read would circle her massive opponent inflicting severe wounds, until, with a final thrust of her sword, he would fall. No one is quite sure why she took his place. It is true that Black Roger is not known for extreme bravery, favoring behind the scene tactics for his gains.

Bonny and Read would become fast friends, and it was Bonny in fact that was responsible for Black Roger's venture on his own. Having a violent temper and a keen eye, she viewed Black Roger as a threat, getting it into her head that he was pining for the place of First Mate. Some say she was even jealous of Read's intimacy with him. Being the true force behind Calico Jack's reputation, Bonny managed to arrange for Black Roger to get "his own ship" by setting him afloat in a small dingy during a high seas raid.

With few provisions and no navigational aides, he found himself helpless to the trade winds. Fortunately, it wasn't long before he found himself on shore and in a port. As time passed he would find himself on a few different ships as a crewman, and would visit many ports, including but not limited to Amalie, Barbados, Barcelona, Beaver Creek, Bermuda, Boston, Buffalo, Charleston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Crystal Beach, East Harbor, Erie & Presque Isle, Gibraltar, Havana, Luna Pier, Nassau, New Orleans, Newport, North Maumee Bay, Pelee Island, Port Bruce, Port Dover, Port Glasgow, Port Royal, Port Wheatley, Portobello, Portsmouth, Put-in-Bay, San Juan, Sandusky, Savannah, St. Augustine, Toledo Harbor, Tortuga, and Windsor.

The story of Black Roger is not yet ended. Now a commodore of a pirate fleet and the Pirate Lord of Lake Erie as one of the Brethren of the Great Lakes, he pursues his greatest passion as Captain of the Marie Griffon”, though he can still be found mingling with the crews of such ships as the Scarlet Harlot and the Sea Queen. Keep a weather eye for him at different ports of call; he flies a flag of a skull with crossed matchlock and blade. Should opportunity present itself, you also may be able to identify him by his tattoo of a hook and two doubloons. Perhaps you can become a part of his tale!

An Artist's rendering of the aforementioned tattoo


          All events and people depicted in this writing are factual, except of course for the character and specific dealings of Artimus Glasscock, a.k.a. Black Roger, who is a completely fictional character.  



Galleries and Tales of Black Roger

From 2013


From 2012

From 2011

From 2010

From 2009

From 2008


From 2007


From 2006


From 2005


From 2004



Interview with a Pirate

Are you a real pirate?

Yes, but not so much by actual definition; which is to steal from those at sea. I am a pirate to those that believe me to be, and belief is often reality to many. Who am I to argue? In other ways I do carry letters of Marque from various kingdoms. Though technically that makes me a privateer as opposed to an outright pirate. It all really depends on who you ask. In Hollygrove There’s King Phillip II of Spain, I mean, “Tim”…, ask him! Graybeard may have a few things to say as well…

Acts of Piracy?

Probably, well certainly the biggest and most fun one, was the boarding and taking of a commercial ship on Lake Michigan . On a late Sunday evening, I was a part of a team of pirates that were actually responsible for having our “Jolly Roger” hoisted on the rear flag pole and sailing into port. I do believe that is considered an actual act of piracy by law…

As for other acts, well, just watch your step when near me. I’ve been know to steal handbags as well as hearts with equal ease… “There’s more to treasure than silver and gold mate”. Deception is favorite of mine as well. It’s not always what acts I commit, it’s what acts people think I commit…


Sure. Pirates weren’t always gung-ho swashbucklers looking for a fight. A pirates goal was to gain by whatever means. Often they would fly the Jolly Roger to intimidate another ship into surrendering before a shot is fired. They would also take on disguises or engage in sly acts in order to complete whatever task they were set about to on shore. I’m no different…

How did you become a pirate?

You know, I think a pirate’s life has been in my cards for years without realizing it. Long story short, there have been many instances in my life that indicated or have contributed to me being where I am today. I think one of the most ironic incidents is the fact that back when I was a touring metal musician in the 1980’s, my first album was distributed by a record company in New York called “Dutch East India Trading Company”. Coincidence or fate?

It was Captain Morgan though (not the governor Henry Morgan, his daughter) that got me into it. She would be at faire doing her thing and just completely having a ball entertaining pirate and patron alike. Never have I met a truer pirate! And she is so much fun to watch and interact with! In fact, I remember the first time that I saw “Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl” in the theatre. Here’s Jack Sparrow (“Captain” Jack Sparrow, sorry…) stepping from the mast of his sinking boat onto the dock in the opening scene. He walks past the dockmaster, spins about when challenged about berthing his boat, and does his thing. I pointed at the screen and told my friend that he was acting like our Captain Morgan!

Do you have a ship; are you a Captain?

At first, like most, I did not have a ship; I didn’t really want one. I was first signed on to the “Scarlet Harlot” by Captain Red Ceilidh. I would later captain a ship called the “Marie Griffon” as part of a fleet of ships under the mysterious shipping magnate, Count Daniel of Derbyshire.

The Marie Griffon is a French built frigate registered in the English Admiralty offices. In reality, I like to think of my ship as a “club” of sorts, with an actual roster of members, and I plan events and the like where the members of my crew can get together and do fun and engaging things.

What’s it like being a pirate?

Fun! Great loads of fun! I meet so many people, and get to steal from them! Really! One of my greatest joys is the Merchant Parade in Hollygrove. I’ll walk around with all of the others, just looking for my marks! A patron with a full plate or cup! I’ll get so many tips into my mug that by the end of parade I’m feeling pretty good! And the hugs and admiration are good also!

But just knowing that I made someone’s day a little more fun is the greatest joy for me. I remember once, a couple of years ago, I had just left my faire booth for a stroll and came upon a lone lass. Of course, I did the piratey thing with her, offering her a life of luxury and deceit on the open seas, etc etc. Had her laughing and having fun before we parted ways. Hours later, she would walk by the booth to find me. “I’m on my way out” she said, “but I wanted to find you first to tell you that you were one of the most enjoyable parts of my day today. You really made it fun, and I just wanted to thank you!” She was truly sincere, and it touched me.

What’s the biggest misconception about Black Roger?

Though it doesn’t happen as much to me as it does to one such as Count D’Booty; I’m often told that I look like Captain Barbossa from Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean ”. Though I drew some inspiration from the look of the character, i.e. a coat and large hat, I’ve made no attempt and portraying Barbossa. I’ve put a lot of work into developing my own personae, which I’ve found to be quite easy since “Black Roger” is very much an alter ego of mine.

Do I really look like Barbossa?

What do you like least about being a pirate?

You know, right now I can’t think of anything.

What’s your favorite thing about being a pirate?

Entertaining people. Perhaps it’s the respect that I’ve earned from people. Apparently I’m a good enough pirate to be sought after (I don’t think there’s a price on my head at least!). I’m not like so many that just put on a costume and say “Today I’m a pirate”. I do kind of live and breathe it in my own ways. I am somewhat of a student of history, and I’ve always been interested in expanding my experiences and including the willing with me as I do. Getting back to entertaining; I do that in several ways. Making people laugh, putting a spark of adventure in a child’s eye, making an unsuspecting lady blush, and being able to impart just a touch of history to those that take it in.

And I get to do this everywhere! I’ve never set out to be an entertainer, but I’ve been invited along and participated in several events; some happy and some sad. I’m a leather vendor by trade of course making lots of piratey products. I was a part of the Pirate Invasion at the Port Washington Pirate Festival, I’ve done movie theatre release parties, ferry boat open houses, faire promo gatherings, and other spur of the moment events. I've even been asked to consider doing an education thing for a grade school class. On the sad side, I’ve even recently been part of a pirate honor guard for a fallen friend during his funeral at the request of his wife.

If I had to nail down a more specific event, probably the most fun I have is when I and a pirate friend or two decide to just unexpectedly go somewhere as pirates and have fun, perhaps to dinner or a bar or something. I remember a place called Captain Jacks on the beach of Lake Michigan. Count D’Booty and I simply walked in unannounced, literally planted our flag on a table, and had drinks. People were like “what’s going on?” and started asking questions and buying us drinks! We had a great time with all of the interaction with staff and patron alike. There’s a rumor that D’Booty even collected some gate fees before the night was over! And then there was this lass on the beach… The night was truly ours! (Don’t worry, it wasn’t as naughty as you’re thinking!)

Who is your favorite pirate?

In history or in fiction? It’s probably typical to say, but in fiction I am quite fond of the Jack Sparrow character. His actions and mannerisms I just love! Historically, you know there are so many that I really don’t have one favorite. There are bits and pieces about many of them that I equally like and dislike.

My truly favorite pirates though are those nearest me – Count D’Booty, Captain Morgan, and Cutter Deeply to name a few.


Favorite Pirate Film?

I'd have to say that there are many good films from different era's of film making. I don't have any one favorite, but some I do like more than others. For a good reference, please visit my Pirate Films compendium for loads of pirates in film, television, and animation.

Pirates of the Caribbean?

In history? The Spanish and what they did to the native peoples of the new world are whom I consider to be some of the most dreadful people, though they weren’t actually pirates. Otherwise, I love the films that bear the name.

“Curse of the Black Pearl” was a good film. Incorporating a lot of historical settings and situations, yet still a fantasy film, being a ghost story and all, it had wonderful characters, actors, and story!

“Dead Man’s Chest” at first struck me a little odd. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I first saw it. It seemed to me that they cheapened the Jack Sparrow character, but it has grown on me.

“At World's End” started out a bit confusing. Everyone was in Singapore, and it became apparent that quite some time had passed since the end of the last film. But overall I found it very enjoyable, even if it was a little over the top in places. Leading us to think that Elizabeth could be Calypso was annoying, but obviously that wasn't so. Of course she became the pirate king (it figures), but that worked out as well. I also have a new appreciation for peanuts! And then there was Keith Richards as Captain Teage! I'm not a fan of the Rolling Stones, nor do I really care for Keith Richards. I've known that Richards was going to be in the film as Jack's Dad, but I expected an older version of Jack - teetering slurred speech type. But actually, when he appeared on the screen he was so majestic and commanding! And when he spoke - I got a chill down my spine! Talk about the ultimate pirate! In the end, I was glad to have experienced the film, and it has now recently been given a home in my collection!

“On Stranger Tides” (I liked it; Review coming soon)

What’s next?

My destiny has always rode with the wind. Having plundered Lake Erie as it's Pirate Lord, leaving naught but empty ports and hollow mines, I'm looking forward to new adventures on greater seas with the mysterious and continental Moiselle, a traveler and trader of mystery and intrigue. 




Black Roger's ship:

The Marie Griffon

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