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"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

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Belt Sizing

It's best to actually measure your waist over the clothing you will wear the belt with.

Use a tape measure, make it snug, and give me that actual number!

Don't second guess and add to the number, it doesn't work. My belts take situations of layers and such into consideration.

Vanity Sizing

I use your actual measurement and make that the center hole. This usually won't match the waist size of your pants.

Clothing manufacturers actually practice something called "Vanity Sizing" which is designed to make you feel better about what 'pant size' you wear. If you wear a Levi 36, but the Wrangler 34 also fits, you're more likely to buy the Wrangler.

If I make a belt that matches your 'pant size', it won't fit.

  • Get a measuring tape and wrap it snugly around where you will wear the belt. Give me that actual number.

  • Do NOT change that number by adding a couple inches to accommodate extra clothes (they don't add that much, and my belts take that into consideration)

  • Do NOT give me your pant size (see above about 'Vanity Sizing')

  • Do NOT give me the overall length of the belt. (It doesn't matter, my belts have their own pattern as do belts from all other manufacturers.)

  • Do NOT give me how much belt is after the holes; it doesn't matter and doesn't alter the fit.

All that matters is the actual size. It's important to not adjust that number. Many people feel they should should add inches because of clothing layers or weight gain among other reasons. These are assumptions and second guesses that will cause the belt not to fit.

This is how I measure the belt size.

I measure right from the post to the "measure hole" as shown below. The belt in this example is a size 30 and would fit a waist actually measured to 30 inches.

As you can see, I actually use the hole one less than center, and that is more than enough to compensate for many layers or even a pirate gun in your belt! Believe it or not, this is all that's needed!

As for how much belt after the hole; I don't need it. My patterns are my own standard and the excess sits well when the belt is properly fitted.

Instead of your waist you can measure your favorite belt just like I do as shown in the photos above. Give me the measurement from the post to the hole you usually wear it in.

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Lest we Forget...

Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If we didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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